Greetings –

My name is Bruce Leadbetter and I am the Adventure Gourmet

I started cooking at a very young age, with my mom and grandmother.  I wouldn’t really call it cooking though – I’d do whatever the ladies would ask of  me and mostly get in the way.  I wasn’t an easy child to have around so there were no sharp knives or hot things to touch but I remember having fun in the kitchen.  I learned NOTHING because I was way to hyper and ADHD to know what a good thing I had.

I got my first guiding job at the age of 14.  I call it guiding because  it sounds better than the truth – I was a “dogger” for a hunting camp that my parents worked for.  My mom was the camp cook and my dad was the head of guides.  I got to put on bright orange and go crashing through the brush trying to scare the animals into the line of fire for the paying clients.  I’m not sure if it was on purpose, or who did it, but on a few occasions I got shot at.

At some point I decided I’d prefer to be able to shoot back so I joined the US Marine Corps.  This was a whole different kind of hunting & guiding – the prey hunts you back.  I didn’t like that either.  Anyway, at one point I was stationed in Yuma and I was finally “on-my-own”.  I wasn’t in the barracks or living with my parents.  I had my own place.  I started thinking about life after the service and what I wanted to do.  Once I was discharged I went to Arizona State University.

I knew that I wanted to get a college degree, but what would I do in the meantime? I got a job cooking, and at the same time I started to guide mountain bike tours for this local company.  Fast forward twenty-plus years and I’ve been guiding the entire time and have worked in various restaurants including in fine-dining at a high-end resort.  I’d held just about every single position in a restaurant except manager or owner.  But I’d done everything else.

Today I own a guide company and a catering outfit.  We play all over the state taking people on adventure outings, outdoor dinners and everything in between.

I love what I do and want to share, with you, what I’ve learned.  I hope you enjoy.